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Team Building Visit Report

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LOCATION: Queensgate/ Huddersfield


Mission                                                Fashion and quality at the best price


Target group                                          Women and Men of all ages


Assortment                                       Apparel, Accessories, cosmetics, home textile

Price Range                       


Chain spread                                     Around 2300 stores worldwide in 41 markets


Expansion prospects                          10 – 15 % per annum, no franchising



Online Resources                                Online shop, FaceBook, Twitter, customer club, newsletter


Website                                              www.hm.com – online shop, extensive information, lifestyle and image gallery


Store location                                   uses the best business locations for stores, always on trend, aggressive prices,    


Solid marketing:                               billboards/ media, store/windows






Windows and display

  • ·         There are two main windows representing outwear collection for women and children
  • ·         Tidy and clean, non propping/non back wall - aquarium type
  • ·          Well ironed clothes with clear price signs



Product placement


The shop has two floors.


First floor:


Sale items to create buzz   

  • ·         basics, part of accessories and new products.
  • ·         Aggressive price sign in RED color (on wound racks), to create buzz and lead customers to choose the best price

Second floor:

Women work wear and  children wear


Creative – In-Store visual merchandising

  • ·         Vertical/ horizontal merchandising – used in accessories department. It is eye catchy and easy to find.
  • ·         Product blocking merchandising – used in all cloth wear departments
  • ·         Wall fixture and shelving – used only in women wear. It is pleasant for the eye and draw attention to the display of highlighted product







 Wide range of clothes and departments which includes womens, mens and kids wear. Womens wear is more dominant in store with different occasion wear sections. Types of clothes arranged well together however there is a lot put together on the same rails making it more difficult to see what is there.


H&M A/W Range  



Design Department


Click on the link above for in depth research into the latest trends in store and catwalk infomation along with the latest designer collaboration for H&M.




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