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Team Meeting Notes

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Hey girls!, Our first team meeting will take place on Monday 17th October in the library at 10.00am. This will give us a chance to discuss all the infomation we have collected over the weekend and plan for our trip to leeds on Thursday 20th October  .

  See you all monday.


- Sarah  



Meeting 1 Agenda October 17th


*Discuss findings about HM

     *Key facts


     *Marketing strategies



*Agree on final tasks for the next meeting

     *Tasks to do 


*Shop visit dates

     *Time management

     *Shop visit "to do" 

Outcome of our meeting today:


After our meeting we all know exactly what we need to do ready for next monday. Fantastic ideas today especially about researching a variety of H&M stores in different cities to get a wider range of infomation which we can use to our benifit ( Remember to look at our competitors stores too) take notes, pictures, leaflets ANYTHING!.

This Week to dos : 


Sarah: Research H&M in Newcastle 

Gabby: Research H&M in Leeds

Michaela: Research H&M in Norwich (Leeds and Huddersfield)
Nicola: Research H&M in Middlesbrough


Team Project Plans

Team Ground Rules

Date Of Team Meeting  Outcome Of Team Meeting 
10-10-2011  Work on presentation and finish reports on each department
17-10-2011  Create ground rules and fill in agenda
24-10-2011  Work on layout and add any images and files that is relevant 
31-10-2011  Time Managment skills- add to project plans





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