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Team Roles

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Gabija Balciute (Merchandiser):

  • Windows and display communication
  • Commercial awareness
  • Product placement
  • Product folding
  • Price communication
  • Point of sale


Nicola Bailey (Buyer):

  • Knowledge of the latest trends (Catwalk), colours
  • Types of materials
  • Suppliers 
  • Production of materials and clothes
  • Quality products at competitive prices
  • Customer profile 
  • Communication skills 


Sarah Attlesey (Designer):

  • Knowledge of the latest trends, colours, fabrics
  • A real understanding of the customers needs and wants
  • Identify key items in the latest trends and then design a range 
  • Taking  a trend and create a story and theme from it


Michaela Bell ( Marketing Manager):

  • The 4 P's and H&M - Price (Range) Product (Variety) Place (How does H&M locate) Promotion (where and how does H& advertise)
  • Target Market
  • H&M's communication channels
  • How user-friendly is the H&M website and how does it encourage sales
  • Competitors - similarities and differences 


I was looking on the H&M website and had some information about different job opportunites within the company. There was some infomation of Visual Merchandising Gabby if you wanted to take a look.


Here is the link-http://about.hm.com/gb/workingathm__career.nhtml?jobroleid=3&jobareaid=1








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