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Merchandising Department

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20 - 10 - 2011


LOCATION: H&M, Briggate/ Leeds

Surrounded shops:

  • ·         Zara
  • ·         Topshop
  • ·         M&S
  • ·         Debenhams

The fairest competitors would be Zara as shops are located next to each other


Windows and display

  • ·         There are two main windows representing outwear collection for women and men
  • ·         Tidy and clean, non propping
  • ·          Well ironed clothes with clear price signs


Product placement

The shop has two floors.

First floor:

  • ·         basics, part of accessories and brand line “Divided” (positioning for young consumers)
  • ·         Aggressive price sign in RED color, to create buzz and lead customers to choose the best price
  • ·         Well recognized SALE’s items, can be seen just from the entrance


Ground floor:

  • Women, men and children wear, cosmetics and accessories
  • New collections represented, therefore no connection with windows (as POS remains on the ground floor)
  • Several mannequins to create buzz for the new collection


Space planning

Stores layout is divided into:

First floor:

  • ·         Platinum zone – the newest products for “Divided” brand
  • ·         Silver zone – basic wear and clothes for sale
  • ·         Bronze Zone – accessories zone (e.g. Handbags, tights, cloth care products)


Ground floor:

  • ·         The space is big and no clear wall barrier in cloth wear
  • ·         Only can be recognized it’s divided by column placement
  • ·         Fixture layout creates a 90-degree (known as straight layout), thus help to make a flow and manage space planning




Creative – In-Store visual merchandising

  • ·         Vertical/ horizontal merchandising – used in accessories and cosmetics departments. It is eye catchy and easy to find.
  • ·         Product blocking merchandising – used in all cloth wear departments
  • ·         Wall fixture and shelving – used only in women wear. It is pleasant for the eye and draw attention to the display of highlighted product


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