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Reflections on Academic Research 1

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How did you break down your research topic into its different aspects? What key words did you use?

Sarah (Designer)- I used key words such as Versace for H&M, H&M Womenswear, H&M Trends, Collections for H&M, H&M Retail.

Nicola (Buyer)- H&M-Hennes & Mauritz, trends, fashion, materials, suppliers, target market, media.

Gabija (Merchandiser) - H&M, Hennes&Mauritz, visual merchandising, windows display, point of sale



What general keywords did you use to gather books on fashion, Textile/Buying/managment retail? How will these books be useful to your research?

Sarah (Designer)- Careers in Fashion and Textiles, Retail Buying, Fashion Retail. These books would be useful as they have all the relevant infomation i need for this course looking into , VM, Marketing, Buying, Retail stratagies and careers.

Nicola (Buyer)- Fashion Buying, The Role of the Fashion Buyer, Fashion Retailing. These books will give an in depth analysis of these areas to help with the understanding of my role and give some accurate, relevant information on the specific area I am researching into.

Gabija (Merchandiser) - Fashion merchandising, visual merchandising, point of sale, windows merchandising, visual fashion, instore fashion



What articles on fashion, Textile Buying/Managment retail did you find? What kind of journals are they?( Fashion magazines, Marketing journals ect.)

Sarah (Designer) Trade Magazines, Fashion Magazines,

Nicola (Buyer)- "H&M launches sustainable conscious collection by Diderich Joelle" Trade publication article.

Gabija (Merchandiser) - Annual H&M magazine 


How might you use these journal articles to explose the following areas?

  • Brand Identity
  • Target Market/Consumer
  • Product Ranges
  • Trends
  • Price Points and Range
  • Advertising and Promotion
  • Styling
  • Visual Merchandising



Why might the business databases be useful for your research? What information can you get from these databases?

Nicola (Buyer)- The business databases will be useful for my research as they will provide accurate and up to date information.

Gabija (Merchandiser) - The database is useful for self development and understanding company's concept when it comes to merchandising. What is the key trend, bestsellers and how they merchandise them.


What Infomation can you get from the newspaper articles on your company? How might these articles be useful for your research? 

Gabija (Merchandiser) - Financial data, key figures are important for analysing merchandisng effectiveness. Also, the bestseller trends and key stars of selling clothes.

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